Pat – How I Would Have Written Star Wars Following The Last Jedi

This was originally written on a different blog and posted on July 16th, 2018 and copied here for fans of Just Plain Mandos to enjoy (and comment on).

Someone recently asked me as a super fan of Star Wars (except the books as I am dyslexic and couldn’t read fast enough to keep up), “If you were in charge, what story would you write?” First I would be so incredible honored and then I proceeded to tell this person without a moment’s hesitation because I think I have the great idea for how to tie a lot of things together while delivering the best Star Wars experience for the fans. I know so does just about every fanboy of Star Wars and maybe they do.

But take a moment to hear me out.  And it is a bit long but I think it is worth the read.

I am going to write out what is in my mind understand that there are parts that I have not fully fleshed out yet and will note them. Additionally, I will try and put a link to all the relevant easter eggs and/or tie ins to previous material. It is my goal to only use Canon movie/television materials because that is how I have consumed Star Wars universe. I am sure there is a lot that could be used from books that are canon that have come out and I just haven’t gotten too.

And now to my thoughts.

Boba Fett – A Star Wars Story

First I hope they make this movie.  It would be awesome.

We would open on the scene from Star Wars Clone Wars “Bounty” where Asajj Ventress argues with a young Boba Fett and then force chokes him and we cut to Otua Blank opens the chest and finds a bound up Boba Fett (Youtube Of Scene).  We keep on Boba who jumps out of the chest and makes a break for it.  There is a fight amongst the guards but he eventually breaks free.

Cut to Tatoonie where Boba is arriving at a landing bay.  He is speaking with Watto about his ship and was it ready.  Watto was assuring him that all the upgrades were installed and you can trust Watto.  When they turn a corner to enter the docking bay he is standing before Slave 1.  Cut to him entering and then going to a locker which he pulls out his dad’s, Jango Fett, armor.  We see him take out some spray paint and begin to change the color from Jango’s blue to Boba’s green.  He mumbles about how no one is going to get the best on him again.

There would be more in here but that is the setup.  I want to jump down a bit.

In the Boba Fett story we discover that Jabba the Hutt is working under Darth Maul‘s command in the crime syndicate but that Jabba hates this. We also learn the a young Snoke is Darth Mauls apprentice but not in the says of the Sith but just as a dark force users. maul states that the Sith are just about as weak as the Jedi but that he has ascended above them all in his knowledge of the force and is passing it on to Snoke.

Would probably want to end the Boba Fett story with him crawling out of the Sarlacc pit, standing up and looking around.  He presses a button on his left wrist console panel and moments later Slave 1 appears.  We cut to the credits as it lands and Boba is walking towards it.

Kenobi – A Star Wars Story

Open on a re-enactment of the scene from Star Wars Clone Wars “The Lawless” where Duchess Satine Kryze dies on Obi-wan’ Kenobi‘s arms (YouTube of Scene).

Cut to a scene where we see Obi-wan with Satine as Satine is holding a baby. She tells Kenobi that he has a daughter and they both smile. Then she tells Obi-wan that the must hide the child because Mandalor is not safe and if the Jedi Order found out he would be expelled. There is some arguing/discussion back and forth before they both agree. They call on Captain Rex (Clone Tropper CT-7567) to take his daughter and deliver her to his remaining family on Stewjon. He mentions to Rex that he can tell no one about this not even Anakin who is attached too. Rex asks why he was asking him for this. Obi-wan mentions that he knows that Anakin and his team are a but loose with the rules and he needs someone who can keep his secret regardless of who is asking. Rex nods and is off.

Cut to a scene where we see Rex delivering the baby girl to couple who are relatives (albeit distant). They are the owners of a Stewjon shipping company. They asked Rex if the girl had a name and he said, “Satine”. He leaves and they take the child as their own.

Cut to Han Solo film timeframe and we see Obi-wan spying on Darth Maul on Dathomir. Maul is training his apprentice who was revealed in the Boba movie to be none other than a young Snoke. They were talking about a new mission for the young (probably teenager-ish) Snoke. He was to find a black obsidian stone that was once a possession of Lord Darth Vader and is believed to be somewhere under Vader’s castle on Mustafar. Maul tells the young Snoke that while the entire castle was supposedly made out of this stuff the stone he is looking for is imbued with dark side of the force having been used as part of a Sith Holocron and holds very special information. The young Snoke heads off and Obi-wan decides to follow. Returning to Mustafar brought back memories for him. But he suppressed those and followed Snoke as he used the dark arts of the Sith to sense through the force and eventually find the black obsidian stone that had a strange red glow almost as if it was like a lightsaber but was easy to touch. Snoke takes it and immediately turns around to face Obi-wan. There is a fight. Snoke manages to hold his own against the lightsaber wielding Kenobi by using an ElectroStaff. Eventually Obi-Wan lands a partial strike on Snoke’s head which would create the scar that he has in Episode’s 7 & 8. This enrages Snoke who force throws Obi-wan off a cliff side hole from the catacombs under the castle towards the lava. Obi-wan quick thinking uses the force to propel himself back at the cliff under and outcropping just feet away from the lava and out of view of Snoke. Snoke believing that he disposed of Kenobi leaves.

There would be more in here between Obi-wan and the crime syndicate that Darth Maul is running that I have not fully fleshed out yet.

Cut to a re-enactment of the scene from Rebels where Darth Maul faces off against Obi-wan and is killed (Youtube Of Scene).

Cut to a freighter that is being chased by Xanadu Blood, piloted by Cad Bane who we only briefly see in an over the shoulder shot at the controls and through the viewport.  On board the freighter is a humanoid woman about mid-forties named Satine (this will be actually explained in Kenobi who she is) with her about 20 year old daughter named Boutan and her daughter’s husband named Rigan and finally a toddler about 3 years old.  Boutan and Rigan are at the piloting/copiloting controls while Satine is standing behind them and the toddler is strapped in to a seat behind Rigan.  Satine asks, “How did he find us again?!”  Rigan states he didn’t know. They dodge into an asteroid field and hide inside a larger one.  Xanadu Blood circles multiple times and just when it is about to find them, Satine closes her eyes and raises her hand and one of the asteroids slams intoXanadu Blood.  Sparks fly with a small explosion and Xanadu Blood is adrift. Satine, Boutan, Rigan and their daughter high tail it out and make the jump to light speed.

There is a conversation between Satine, Boutan and Rigan that they have to hide Boutan and Rigan’s daughter. They all hate the idea but with Snoke’s lackeys hot on their trail it was only a matter of time. They drop her off on Jakku leaving her in the care of Unkar Plutt.  She was not sold but placed in his care because the Satine declares that she trusts him due to dealing she has had with in the past.  Before they leave, Unkar asks if “it” has a name and Boutan says, “Rey, her name is Rey”.  Crying Boutan and Rigan board their ship with Satine and fly away.

Following the ship take of, we find they are immediately caught leaving Jakku by none other than Boba Fett who is flying Slave II.  He quickly captures their ship and takes them.

Cut to a scene in a smaller version of Snoke’s throne room in Episode 8 (we can see it has the beginnings of what it becomes in episode 8), where Boba Fett is bringing in both Satine, Boutan and Rigan bound to a hooded Snoke.  Snoke smiles and laughs and declares that at least vengeance would be his. Satine asks “What vengeance what the hell are you talking about?” Snoke lifts his hood cloak to reveal the battle scar on his head and states that he is extracting revenge on Obi-wan Kenobi by killing his daughter and granddaughter. Satine states she is the daughter of (insert names from before) from Stewjon and doesn’t even know this Kenobi guy.  Snoke declares that his spies are true and have found the truth and the fact that he can sense the force so strong in her that she was in fact the daughter of Kenobi. Satine attempts and fails to force grab one of the guards weapons. Snoke intercepts the weapon and sends it flying into Rigan. Boutan screams as Satine charges a seemingly defenseless Snoke who pulls from the force one of the guards weapons into his hand and impales her as he laughs.  Snoke then turns to Boutan and with a large smile we see him lift the weapon and swing toward the camera and cut to the credits.

That is where I would end off the Kenobi story.

STAR WARS EPISODE IX : Balance of the Force

This movie opens in a dream sequence where we see Rey fighting Kylo Ren and Snoke (and yes Snoke) with the Mandalorian Dark Saber. The dream sequence focuses on the darksaber as she is fighting and then snaps to a scene of Bo-Katan Kryze accepting the saber from Sabine Wren (replica of the scene in Star Wars Rebels “Heroes of Mandalor”, Youtube of Scene). Then breaking from the re-enactment, Bo-Katan turns to Rey who is now standing next to her and states “Only the rightful heir of Mandalor can wield the darksaber and restore the Mandalorian people!” She then reaches out to hand the darksaber to Rey. Before she can grab it, the scene blurs while maintaining focus on the darksaber and then snaps back to an underground cave where Bo-Katan is hiding the darksaber under the city of Sundari. Then Rey wakes up.

Seeing she is troubled Chewie asks what is wrong. Rey replies that she is having these “dreams” that are really more like visions and yet somehow feels drawn to them as if they were important or that she was being called to something or somewhere. Chewie tells her to speak to the “historian” of the rebels which is an elder Wedge Antilles. He says that what she describes he has some information about in that he knows of Mandalor and that clans and the civil war and then the reunification but nothing of this darksaber. He suggests that she seek out the Sage of Haruun Kal known simply as “Lightning Falls”.

We cut probably to a scene about Kylo here which I had not fully fleshed out yet so I will just leave that we cut to him.

Back on Rey as she and Chewie are arriving on Haruun Kal. They have some instructions from Wedge on how to find this Sage and eventually wind up going through the back of a shop mentioning they are looking for “lightning falls”. When they make their way through a network of turns they are met with a very old and scarred Mace Windu. He is the sage. Mace tells Rey about the darksaber and that only a Mandalorian is called to wield it. Gives a brief history of the darksaber as Rey knows nothing about this and how it is the symbol of unity for not just the Mandalorians but also of the Jedi as it symbolizes the two becoming one which began with Tarre Vizsla.  Mace inquires of who Rey’s parents were and she states they were nobody.  Mace corrects her stating that “They can’t be nobody if the darksaber is calling to you because only someone from Mandalor and even then only someone great from one of the great clans can ever wield it. No my dear, your parents made not have made history but they were far from nobody!” Before she leaves, Mace adds, “You must answer its call because if it is calling it is not going to stop until it is found itself in your hands!”. Mace then mentions, “there is one other thing you must learn in order to restore peace in the galaxy and bring balance to the force.

Cut to a scene with Kylo that I have not fleshed out yet

Rey and Chewie travel to Mandalor to retrieve the darksaber. Similar to the catacombs under Lord Vader’s castle (albeit a different movie and planet) the darksaber is hidden in a secret chamber in the catacombs under Sundari. In this case, she is able to sense a fake wall that is being projected and when she walks through (much to the objection of Chewie) she finds a small temple like shrine that consists of one medium size room. There are statues of the death watch and symbols from all the clans of Mandalor (Clan Symbols, More Clan Symbols). At the center of the far wall on almost an altar is the darksaber. Rey picks it up and immediately sees Obi-wan and Satine standing next to her mother (from the Obi-wan Kenobi movie, which yes will come out after but same actress) and father (Rigan again from Kenobi). They nod to her as the images fades away. She is left wielding the darksaber as Chewie had finally and not happily made it through the false wall swatting at it. There was a suit of Mandalorian armor there that resembled the one that Bo-Katan was wearing with two exceptions. First the helmet is not a helmet but a ring almost like a crown with the radio like antenna found on Mandalorian armor. Second the armor is all white (original test footage of Bobs Fett had him in white armor and this would be an Easter egg). Rey grabs the armor and takes it with her.

Cut to a Kylo scene where he senses something has changed with Rey but can not see what. Rey offers for him to join her and give up this quest for power but he refuses. Rey tells him that together they could bring balance to the force. But Kylo restates that the concept of balance in the force is of the past and he is of the future. He tells Rey that she could be part of the future as well if she would give up her silly crusade and join him. She refuses. During this scene Chewie sees that Rey is in a trance like and talking to no one but surmises from the language and talk that it is Kylo.

Cut to … still fleshing out what would be the main middle story that leads to the final confrontation.

Cut to Rey arriving on Mustafar where Kylo has taken over Vader’s old castle as his own. She walks down the ramp on the landing pad and is immediately face to face with Kylo. She is wearing the white Mandaorian armor and he is in his typical black. Rey offers again for him to give up his pursuit of the power and join her. He laughs and counters with an offer for her to join him. She refuses and an epic fight ensues. During the fight Kylo is shocked to find out that the Mandalorian armor is made of lightsaber resistant phrik alloy and deflects Kylo’s blade.

Towards the end of the fight Kylo says to Rey that if she kills him the force will only generate another dark force users to maintain balance. She tells him that she has learned a new way and has become a Gray Jedi keeping balance of the force within her and that his presence has caused the imbalance and if he doesn’t join her he will die. Kylo gets made and charges her. A fury of lightsaber to darksaber strikes and then Rey lands the final blow.

Again this is a work in progress in my head (and now on paper so to speak).  There is still a lot to flesh out of this idea was taken.  But it hits very major key points that ties a bunch of things together to give the fans who Snoke is, who Rey’s parents are and a cool wrap up to the new trilogy.  At least in my mind.

While it would be awesome if this link and ideas got in the hands of the people at Lucasfilm and JJ and crew, I would be surprised if it got anywhere near them.  I am providing this as one fan to another for some cool tossing of ideas.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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