Pat’s Review – Netflix’s Project Power


Grade 16/20 (C+)

I was concerned going into this movie because of all the hype that is surrounding it being this super amazing Netflix movie. I was surprised to find out that I agreed. It was amazing. Not family friendly but super amazing movie. And Jamie Fox is awesome.



I will try to avoid them but they might happen. You have been warned.

Plot/Story 4/5

The plot is not new. There are basically three main characters whose stories are interwoven to depend on each other. First is the teenager, Robin, who is forced into selling drugs–in this case a drug called Power that grants the user a super power for five minutes–to save her mother. The cop, Frank (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who feels bad for the teenager and tries to help her out, the twist here is he is a casual user of the drug to help fight crime. And the hero, or catalyst or protagonist, Art (played by Jamie Foxx), basically the guy who comes in and upsets the status quo making the adventure of the movie happen. The twist on art is that he is a father looking for his daughter who is being held captive by the people pushing the drug. Why? Well that would be a spoiler. Suffusive to say, the plot isn’t all the original but as a father I related and really enjoyed it. This was added greatly by the characters and their performances.

Characters/Acting 5/5

So the basic plot isn’t new but the characters feel fresh and the actors/actresses who bring them to life are fantastic. First, Robin (played by Dominique Fishback), was very believable as a teenager and high schooler who at night was selling drugs to eventually pay for her mother’s health care. And I loved her scenes with Art (played by Jamie Foxx) which felt very much like a father daughter set of scenes. Speaking of Art, Jamie Fox is absolutely fantastic in the role of a father who will stop at nothing to rescue his daughter. One of my favorite scenes is when Art is getting gas and making a baby laugh. Little touches like that really round out the father figure which are added to his interactions with Robin. Fantastic. Rounding out the main cast is Frank (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) which is a cop doing some very wrong things for the right reasons. He takes power to be on a level playing field with the criminals (and maybe a little because he likes the power–pun intended). There is a scene where he is wearing a towel and interacting with Robin’s mother (played by Andrene Ward-Hammond) pretending to be her boyfriend. Great scene.

Cinematography 5/5

This movie is basically a cop/crime action movie and the camera work follows suit with this. I will say that I did not feel like this was a netflix show in that the way it was shot and the sets and the effects felt more like a big screen movie. In all, it pulled me in and I enjoyed what I was watching.

Family Friendliness 2/5

The good news is that there was no frontal nudity and the one sequence where we saw a man’s buttocks were from a man who was like a chameleon changing his colors to match his surroundings. So while we saw it we didn’t see it at the same time. For an action movie I was pleasant surprised to find very mild language used. However, the blood an gore scenes are fitting with a big blockbuster action movie. The movie does center on drug use and while presenting it overall as bad the drug did give super human powers. In addition, there is kidnapping and a lot of violence. It is fitting for a hollywood movie of this type–albeit I wish it wasn’t. I definitely do not recommend this for anyone under 17.

Nuts and Bolts

Netflix’s Project Power is currently available for streaming and stars Jamie Foxx, Dominique Fishback and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is rated as R mostly for violence and I think this rating is spot on. I recommend this movie for anyone who is 17 years and older.

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